13615105_553150348223041_3804428458355801144_nAlhamdulillah. With ‪‎donations‬ received, ‪RAR‬ (assisted by ‪‎MyCare‬) organised a very cheerful and colourful ‪‎Iftar‬ Programme last Saturday. The newly arrived families were given health checks by volunteer doctors from ‪Beacon‬ Hospital:

  • The adults were given new shirts (men) n prayer outfits (women)
  • The children were given toys to choose from
  • The children gave us a performance which they’d been working hard on
  • Clothing booths were set up
  • Food packs were distributed
  • They were treated to a delicious Syrian meal
  • A short tadhkirah was given in Arabic by our invited Ustadh


How lovely it was to see the ‪‎children‬ dressed in the pretty clothes they received from ‪donors‬, playing and smiling, putting aside for a while the hardships they’ve endured to get here. How grateful we were to have the chance to break fast with our brothers n sisters and show them some warm ‪hospitality‬ as they begin a new chapter of their lives in ‪Malaysia‬.
Jazakumullahu khayra to the ‪‎volunteers‬ who worked hard to put the event together. May Allah accept it from us.