13533114_551412305063512_5328533532051652009_nUnable to bear seeing so many homeless people starve in Ramadhan, our Aunty Rohani (who cares for the orphanage in Penang which RAR supports) took it upon herself to cook not just for the orphans under her care but hundreds of homeless every single day. Hiring single mothers to help her, the slave over the stoves every day just so they can see happy smiling faces who have food to take home for iftar.

Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation is so glad that we were able to support this wonderful initiative, andthis week some RAR volunteers went to Penang to help and catch Aunty in action.

We don’t know where she finds the energy from but Aunty has even started a small-time restaurant in Penang just to have some extra income to pay the orphanage bills. RAR’s monthly contribution isn’t quite enough.

13438880_551412358396840_8341942550437997550_nMay Allah bless n preserve her and reward her abundantly. If you wish to lighten her load, donate to:

Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation
Bank Muamalat
Acct #: 1205-0003367-71-4

Label it “Penang” and send your payment details to accounts@rizqarrahman.org