It was just a day or two to Eid and there was lots to do! Working against time, our team in Kedah pushed on to distribute fresh chickens and other essential items to as many poor families as possible, to ensure that they would have some nice food to celebrate Eid with, in line with our Ramadan Campaign R10.

Alhamdulillah, the following was accomplished biiznillah:

🔹Baling, Kedah (Kampung Luar, Kampung Lalang and Kampung Becah Sawa): villagers received 200 chickens
🔹Kupang, Kedah (Kampung Sadek, Kampung Tanjung): the villagers received 200 chickens.
🔹Kuala Ketil, (Kampung Tembok): 300 sacks of rice were distributed and RM2000 duit raya was given to the poor (RM5 each)
🔹Kulim: 300 chickens were given
🔹Sik, Kedah (Kampung Jeneri, Kampung Padang Chicak): the villagers received 2000 chickens and RM3000 duit raya
🔹 Sungai Petani, Kedah : the poor in Paya Flats were given 50 chickens and 25 sacks of rice.

May Allah reward all who helped make it possible.