Al-Ansaar School Open House:

Alhamdulillah, ‪‎Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation‬ has completed its registration for ‪ the Al-Ansaar ‬weekend school. The first session will start in mid February in shaa Allah.

We have registered 80 students from ‪Myanmar‬, ‪‎Afghanistan‬ and ‪Syria‬ ranging from 5 years old to 13 years old so far today.

We are looking forward and are excited to begin our ‪‎school‬ session, in shaa Allah. The school will also be used as a training center to equip adults with skills that can assist them in generating an income in shaa Allah.

In the meantime, we will be planning and drafting the school ‪‎syllabus‬, getting their uniforms ready, recruiting ‪volunteers‬ and finding‪ sponsorships‬ for the students’ lunch. Anyone interested to help, please let us know.

Contact us: +6011 1607 8870

We are inviting more volunteers to be part of the school and teach these wonderful ‪students‬.