Such a blessed first week of ‎Ramadhan‬ at Al Ansaar. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah the Al-Mighty. Our school was buzzing with activities today.

While the ‎students were having their usual lessons with the teachers and volunteers, other parts of the ‎school were equally busy as well.

On one corner we had mineral water, ‎Milo and dates being packed for the students to bring home, another corner we had ‎volunteers sorting out and arranging ‪‎pre‬-loved clothes for the‪ refugees‬, and another corner, students were given their school uniforms by the school. We cannot wait to see them donning their full uniforms next week, Insha Allah.

13445679_544946062376803_8528917030515579279_nWe also had a visit from a brother who raised ‪funds‬ to ‪donate‬ two‪ computers‬ to the school. He agreed to help us teach the students computer skills. We will use this to reward the excellent students as a motivation for them.

We, the Al Ansaar team are extremely happy and grateful for all the blessings and ‪donations‬ that we have received for the school. May Allah S.W.T reward all our food ‎sponsors‬, clothes donors, and our dedicated volunteers with the highest level of ‪‎Jannah‬, Insha Allah.

Jazakumullah khayr