water pumpTodate, RAR has helped install 310 water pumps in poor Muslim villages in Cambodia. We know you have been very excited about the previous water pump projects, as water is such a precious gift and these pumps are a source of sadaqah jariah ان شاء الله . Many of you still ask us if we can build more pumps in Cambodia. Well, we have good news!
الحمد لله
By the grace of Allah, we will be collaborating with a foreign NGO to install 50 new pumps at kampong Trobang Chuk, kampong Don Pen, kampong Seper Chom Kar Le and kampong Chenang located about 120 – 140km away from Phnom Penh. 50 pumps will not be enough for all 4 villages so we would thus like to offer you the opportunity to donate additional pumps for this collaboration project and we hope to have all the pumps installed very soon.
* The cost of each pump is RM750
* You may choose your own inscription for the pump
* If you cannot contribute for a whole pump, we accept partial donations as well

Please donate now and support us. For direct banking, please also email your donation details to accounts@rizqarrahman.org
Jazakumullahu khayra