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Gift Chicken to the Poor

Who doesn’t love a good chicken rendang on Eid? Give chickens to the poor this Ramadan so they can have their favorite chicken dishes for Iftar or Eid.

We are aiming for 2000 chickens to various locations inshaallah.

Ramadan 2020 : Iftar

First of all, RAMADAN MUBARAK to everyone! We pray that we will all be able to go through a wonderful and beneficial month of ibadah, during this sacred month which may begin tonight inshaallah.

RAR is hard at work arranging Iftar of cooked food and groceries to ensure as many people as possible will have full tummies this Ramadan.

– working with partner restaurants
– hiring poor chefs to cook
– supplying groceries

are some of the works underway. If you would like to seek some rewards for feeding a fasting (and poor) person, hurry and contribute to our campaign as below.

Each Ramadan, we would rush to host Iftar to feed family and friends and give food to the needy, hoping for the immense rewards of feeding a fasting person and giving charity in the best month of the year.

If you’re wondering how you can do it this year amidst the lockdown, fret not. 😊

For just RM10 A PERSON, RAR will help you provide food for Iftar to ORPHANS, REFUGEES and the NEEDY in the form of cooked food or groceries, in Malaysia and as far as Yemen and Palestine, inshaallah.

Perhaps now more than ever, this will bring much relief to those in need who will find it difficult to buy or prepare food in these challenging times.


“Whoever helps break the fast of a fasting person, he will have the same reward as him without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person.”

(Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 807, Grade: Sahih)

Tailors Sew for Frontliners

This team of tailors from a low-income group has really touched our hearts ❤️. They stepped up to sew hundreds of isolation gowns, hoods and shoe covers for the hospital frontliners, not expecting anything in return. They just wanted to help.

But inshaallah RAR intends to pay them some small wages for their noble effort, as they too need to feed their families.

Help support this effort which will have the double effect of :

🔷 providing urgently needed protective gear for frontliners
🔶 helping these low income tailors weather these tough times

We target to raise RM15,000 quickly as we expect a large shipment of fabric to arrive by Wednesday inshaallah.

LATEST updates

 Iftar Campaign Update!

Alhamdulillah, our food distribution to the needy under the Iftar Campaign continues. 150 packs of food were given out each night from 30th April – 2nd May 2020.

A total of 450 delicious meals were homecooked by some of the poor at PPR Kg Baru Hicom, Shah Alam, and distributed to the other residents.

Jazakumullahu khayra for your kind sponsorship of the meals.

May Allah record it on your scale of good deeds on the Day of Judgment.

Iftar Sponsorship for Mesra Home

Alhamdulillah! Generous donations have meant that the 24 elderly Muslimaat at Mesra Home in Ampang will have the delicious fare for Iftar throughout the whole month of Ramadan.

Makes us salivate just looking at the authentic dishes prepared for them nightly 😋

Jazakumullahu khayra.

Dates Galore!

Jazakumullahu khayra for your kind support of our dates distribution campaign which enabled the distribution of a total of 600 boxes of dates at the following locations

1. PPR Kg Baru Hicom
2. PPR Kg Damai
3. Kota Damansara
4. Darul Mahabbah
5. Refugees in Klang
6. Mesra Home for the elderly

May Allah reward you for gifting them with a nutrition-packed fruit that’s fantastic for sahur and Iftar.

Food distribution in Kelantan

Alhamdulillah, we managed to continue providing food to the needy in rural parts of Kelantan during this lockdown period.

Jazakumullahu khayra!


MasyaAllah. Our team of B40 tailors had managed to finish sewing & delivered 180 gowns for our frontliners today.

Help support this effort which will have the double effect of
🔷 providing urgently needed protective gear for frontliners
🔶 helping these low income tailors weather these tough times

Jazakumullahu khayra!

our projects


Orphans are among the most vulnerable members of society. When you sponsor an orphan, you give the gift of hope to a child

water wells

Clean water is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. We work to provide water wells to communities that need in most in


Refugees travel an unforgiving path to find shelter in Malaysia not out of choice but out of necessity. They are fleeing genocide
Feeding the poor, needy and homeless
Rizq ar-Rahman provides food to over 300 people every week in Kuala Lumpur and also feeds the poor and needy in Penang.
dawah and islamic education to the orang asli
Rizq ar-Rahman provides essential dawah, Quran classes, salat classes, as well as food to the local indigenous community (Orang Asli).

projects by location


Malaysian projects include orphan support, feeding the poor and homeless, refugee support and essential dawah programs to


Rizq ar-Rahman provides water pumps to Muslim villages in Cambodia as well as supports orphans and education projects


The situation in Yemen is worsening and essential relief aid is needed to provide food, water and other essential services to



Providing essential education to orphans and refugees

food to the poor

Feeding  the homeless, hungry and those in need

clean water

Providing clean water to rural communities


Helping refugees get essential medical care

How You Can Help Us

Our Mission

To help those who are less fortunate and are struggling to support themselves. 

Achievements in 2018

  • water wells 100% 100%
  • orphan support  90% 90%
  • education for refugee children 96% 96%
  • medical support for refugees 84% 84%
  • feeding the poor and homeless 100% 100%
  • dawah program  63% 63%

how you can help


Please share our cause with friends and family


Give the gift of hope by donating to our projects


We are always seeking new people and new ideas. 

Ramadan News

Iftar for poor students of University Malaya

Alhamdulillah, with your donations for the Iftar Campaign, 550 Muslim students received food packs to fill their tummies after a day of fasting.

Eid Clothes for Cambodian Orphans

Alhamdulillah. Look how nice the orphans look, donned in their new Eid clothes donated by generous sponsors. Allahumma baarik lahum.

Chickens Galore!

Alhamdulillah, Eid celebrations were made extra special as many poor families in Sik, Kedah were treated to fresh chickens and were able to make their favourite chicken dishes.

Ramadan Aid – Kelantan Poor

May Allah reward all the generous sponsors who are taking turns to provide Iftar throughout Ramadan for the orphans in the CMIA Islamic school in Phnom Penh.

Iftar 2019 Campaign kicks off

Alhamdulillah, thanks to your generous support, many orphans and the poor have begun enjoying and looking forward to their Iftar.

Iftar for Orphans in Kelantan

Alhamdulillah, 40 orphans at Maahad Al-Ghonna/Markaz Al-Aitam, Pasir Putih, Kelantan were given Iftar through donations received under RAR’s Iftar 2019 campaign.

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