The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Give food to the hungry, pay a visit to the sick and release (set free) the one in captivity (by paying his ransom). Sahih al-Bukhari 5373

providing essential food aid in yemen

The crisis in Yemen is worsening and around 85% of Yemen’s population is now considered fakir miskeen and in need of essential food supplies.  The collection for Yemeni Food Aid is ongoing all year round and each drive provides essential food for approximately two-thirds of the 1100+ families we have on file so we rotate the families receiving aid. As almost everyone is poor, we prioritize orphaned families, followed by the poorest and most in need when giving aid.

Ramadan Goal

Our goal is to send Rm 275, 000 (+/-US$ 71,000) of food aid this Ramadan so that we are able to provide to all of the families we have listed. Food aid consists of staple food eg. Rice, flour, cooking oil, sugar, salt, milk, tomato paste, pasta, beans  Alhamdullilah, we currently have 12 teams who distribute the food aid in 5 governates – Sanaa, Hudaydah, Rayma, Hajah, and soon Taiz In shaa Allah. 

Alhamdulillah, we have exceeded target with your support and can now reach even more!

  • Rm292,415 raised of Rm275,000 (+/-$81,000) 100% 100%

Please Note: All donations via PayPal are in US$. Please check the current exchange rate for accurate conversions

PLEASE NOTE: Donations received late in Ramadan will be distributed as soon as practicable after Ramadan.

In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions: Bank Transfer:

  1. Make a bank transfer payable to

Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad Acct #: 1205-0003367-71-4 Swift code: BMMBMYKL 2.Label your bank transfer as “Y – Ramadan”  3.Email your transfer slip to accounts@rizqarrahman.org and indicate that the donation is for  “Y – Ramadan” and which cause you are supporting. Payment by Cheque:

  1. Issue the cheque to Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation
  2. Write “Y – Ramadan” behind the cheque.
  3. Post or drop off your cheque to:

Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation 36-3 Jalan PJS 8/2 Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia 3.Email your cheque details to accounts@rizqarrahman.org and indicate that the donation is for “Y – Ramadan”  and which cause you are supporting.

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