New Masjid in Ampapa, Mozambique 


All praises be to Allah.

It is a dream come true for us at Rizq-Ar-Rahman and the people of Ampapa in Mozambique who lost their masjid to a hurricane more than a year ago.

By the will and help of Allah, Rizq-Ar-Rahman was able to rebuild masjid Uthman ibn Affan for the village.

We pray that Allah accepts this small effort, makes the masjid a place of much ilm, dawah and amal, and a means for Islam to spread and flourish far and wide in Mozambique and beyond. Allahumma Aameen.


Help Awadh

Support Awadh, a Yemeni refugee and devoted single father of 4 daughters. Tragically, he recently lost his wife to illness. And now, Awadh himself urgently requires weekly dialysis and medication as his kidneys are failing.

Unfortunately, he lacks the financial means to cover these essential treatments.

Let’s come together to raise funds for his dialysis and medication expenses, so that the girls won’t lose their father too biiznillah. Each treatment costs a hefty RM220 and he needs at least RM12,000.


Help Sara Walk Again

Meet Sara (not her real name), a 15-year-old Iraqi refugee who has been tragically paralyzed due to an accident. In order to regain her ability to walk, Sara requires immediate and intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Your support can make a life-changing difference in her journey towards recovery. Let’s join hands to provide Sara with the urgent care she needs to take her first steps once again.


Water Pump for Nahavara, Mozambique 


Give the previous gift of CLEAN WATER to approximately 3700-4000 villagers in remote Nahavara in Nampula Province, Mozambique where there is no clean water supply & the residents have to walk for miles to fetch water.


Don’t miss the amazing SADAQAH JARIAH opportunity!


Winter Aid for Yemen 


How do we snuggle up in our warm beds with our tummies full, while our brothers and sisters in Yemen shiver and starve in the cold winter?

Sleep better knowing that you have given them food and blankets to stay full and warm this winter.

Donate food baskets and blankets


Al Ansaar’s Day Out 


MashaAllah their excited cries and broad grins tell it all. Yesterday, the students of Al Ansaar were treated to a long awaited day out at the Titiwangsa park.

May Allah reward all sponsors who made it possible. 💐💐💐

Support Al Ansaar Learning and Community Centre



Help Widow Aiza and her 4 orphaned children


Less than 2 months ago, Aiza lost her husband, the family’s sole breadwinner. A housewife with 4 children, her two elder children aged 19 and 21 are still studying in college and their younger siblings are only 5 and 7 years old.

Still mourning the loss of her husband, Aiza is distraught wondering how she will now feed the family and whether her elder children will be able to continue their studies due to financial constraints.

We would like to help ensure Aiza and her orphaned children have enough to get by, so that the elder ones can finish their studies and insha’Allah secure jobs to help the family in the long term.

Amount needed : RM6000
(RM500/month x 12 months

Help Widow Nor & Orphaned Children


Nor lost her husband 5 months ago and has been struggling to make ends meet. She sells light snacks near their home but whatever little she earns is simply not enough for her and her schoolgoing children aged between 4 and 15.

We are trying to lighten their load a little by providing the family with RM400 monthly support for the next 12 months until Nor is able to secure a stable job or income insha’Allah.

Amount needed : RM4800
(RM400/month x 12 months)

Groceries for the Elderly


We are grateful that with donations received from our donors, we have been able to provide essential grocery packs each month to 39 elderly folk living in impoverished and isolated locations in Sabah.

Unable to support themselves in their old age, they are indeed so grateful and relieved to receive this help.

Please help us continue this effort to feed the elderly who are in need on a regular basis.

Price per grocery pack : RM55
Target : 300 packs (50 packs per month for the next 6 months) 

Qurban Mindanao completed


Qurban Malaysia completed


Qurban Yemen completed


Qurban Mozambique completed




Al Ansaar runners up 


Akademi Al Khayr in collaboration with Al Ansaar Learning Centre held its inaugural Inter-school Quranic Challenge yesterday.

Underdogs due to the fact that it’s a small refugee school with only basic facilities where the students only spend one class a day on their Qur’an memorization, the Al Ansaar students stunned the audience and grabbed 2nd spot, just a mere 2.8 points behind the winner Akademi Al Khayr.

SubhanAllah it was a nail-biting challenge till the end, and they only lost on the last question.


Help these students continue to thrive through your support.



Update on Widow Mariam

When we highlighted the plight of Mariam, a widowed Muslim revert with 5 orphaned children under her care, help flooded in for her. Allahu Akbar.

With the donations received, we were able to pay for her hospital expenses and Insha’Allah, your donations will now go towards providing Mariam’s family with monthly financial aid to lighten their load.

By the grace of Allah and thanks to your du’a for her as well, Mariam is now much recovered and has secured a job at a factory.

Mariam extends her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone who supported her in her time of great need.

Ramadan 2022 (1443H) Distribution 

By the Grace of Allah, the RM127,111.70 in contributions we received has enabled us to deliver

Iftar Meals : 9,005 meals
Groceries : 400 packs
Financial Aid : 149 families

in Malaysia, Yemen, Mozambique & the Philippines

Thank you Rizq ar Rahman donors for placing your trust in us to help you reach those in need. May Allah accept it from us all.

Yemen Orphans Support 


May Allah reward you, our generous donors, for giving food to these orphans and widows in war-torn Yemen where many are suffering from famine.

Your kindness has surely brought warmth to their homes, letting them know that they’re brother and sisters in Malaysia have not forgotten them in their times of need and hunger.

Uncle Samsuddin’s New Home


Some months back, Uncle Samsuddin lost his entire home and workshop in a fire. In his old age, it’s easy to imagine how devastated he might have been, wondering how he would rebuild everything from scratch again…

But Allah is Al Kareem and by His Grace, thanks to donors who generously sent help his way, he has now rebuilt his home and the workshop will be next insha’Allah.

May Allah grant you a beautiful, magnificent home in Jannah, just as you have helped Uncle Samsuddin build his here.

Solat Course for Teenagers 


Mashaallah, may Allah bless the teenagers of PPR Hicom from underprivileged families who chose to spend their school holiday attending a course organised by RAR to learn and improve their prayers.

May Allah reward donors who enabled us to make these small efforts to help our future leaders improve in their worship of their Creator.

Aid for Flood Victims – Mentakab & Segamat

  The aftermath of the recent floods is still felt as very many families have lost essential appliances in their homes. We are grateful that, with the donations which you have entrusted to us and the wonderful assistance of Hugs Project, we were able continued to deliver – gas stoves (with regulators) – rice cookers – jug kettles to dozens of the flood victims at – Mentakab, Pahang – Kampung Spang Loi, Segamat May Allah accept it from us all and may Allah grant ease to those who have been affected by the floods. Jazakumullahu khayra! May Allah enable to secure the funds needed to expand the centre so that we can accommodate more students.

Can you please take our child?

  SubhanAllah. Almost every schoolday, new parents show up at Al Ansaar asking hopefully if their child can be given a place to learn. It’s heartbreaking to turn away any child who’s eager to be educated, and more so refugee children who often have very few learning options. Yet, the limited space at the present location means we can’t take in as many as we would like to. May Allah enable to secure the funds needed to expand the centre so that we can accommodate more students.

Al Ansaar’s New Year Begins

  Alhamdulillah. The new school year has begun at Al Ansaar, with physical classes resuming today. May Allah bless their learning and reward the students, their dedicated teachers and all donors who enable these underprivileged children to acquire the education and tarbiyyah the need and deserve.

The Effort Continues : Aid for Flood Victims

  As the nation got together to help flood victims clean up their homes, many have lost even the most basic of items needed to get back to daily life. Alhamdulillah, thanks to your generous donations, we were able to deliver – gas stoves (with regulators) – rice cookers – jug kettles for some of the flood victims at Shah Alam and Klang. More aid will be needed in the coming days. Jazakumullahu khayra!

Flood Clean Up at Bukit Lanchong

  Our nation’s youth have sprung into action quickly, spending their time and energy to help start cleaning up in Bukit Lanchong, an area badly hit by the recent floods. There’s much to do, as they try to return some order to the chaotic aftermath. Jazakumullahu khayra!

Thank You from Rumah Ngaji

  May Allah reward you immensely for your contribution towards the noble work at Rumah Ngaji, Semporna. Your contribution provides a safe place for the homeless, orphaned and poor children of Semporna to learn, grow and find hope for the future.

Fresh Food for the Poor


We thought it would be nice to hand out nutritious, fresh food to poor families instead of the dry groceries they usually receive. Alhamdulillah, 30 needy families welcomed the chicken, eggs and fruit with delight!

Insha’Allah, we plan to continue this distribution weekly for the next few weeks, rotating among the neediest families.

Jazakumullahu khayra.

Sponsor an Orphan in Yemen


Hundreds of thousands of children in Yemen have been orphaned. Most are living in bitter conditions without proper shelter, food or education.

Alhamdulillah, you can now sponsor an orphan’s house rental, food and schooling regularly.

RM100 a month – 1 orphan (partial sponsorship)

RM500 a month – 1 orphan (full sponsorship)

RM1200 a month – family of 3 orphans

RM1900 a month – family of 4 or more orphans

Sahl ibn Sa’d reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Myself and the caretaker of an orphan will be in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together.
(Sahih Al Bukhari)

May this weigh heavily on your scale of good deeds and may Allah bless you with more.

our projects


Orphans are among the most vulnerable members of society. When you sponsor an orphan, you give the gift of hope to a child.

water projects

Clean water is one of the most valuable gifts one can give. We work to help you provide water to communities that are in need of it.


Refugees travel an unforgiving path to find shelter in Malaysia not out of choice but out of necessity. They are fleeing genocide

Feeding the poor, needy and homeless

Rizq ar-Rahman provides food to over 300 people every week in Kuala Lumpur.

da’wah programme
Rizq Ar Rahman’s actively supports dawah work with various segments of the population in Malaysia, to help spread the beautiful message of Islam.

projects by location


Malaysian projects include orphan support, feeding the poor and homeless, refugee support and essential dawah programmes


The situation in Yemen is worsening and essential relief aid is needed to provide food, water and other essential services to help save lives

RIZQ-AR-RAHMAN  provideS :


Providing essential education to orphans and refugees

food to the poor

Feeding  the homeless, hungry and those in need

clean water

Providing clean water to rural communities


Helping refugees get essential medical care

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To help those who are less fortunate and are struggling to support themselves. 

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